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Who We Are

Bay Area Healthtech & Bioscience Leaders (BAHBL) is a group of dedicated service providers that live and primarily work in the San Francisco Bay Area. The group was formed in 2018 with a focus on sharing key insights, business leads, and market trends across the biotechnology, biomedical device, diagnostics, digital health, and pharmaceutical sectors. Gradually, BAHBL has developed into a network of respected professionals with a common industry focus and a shared commitment to delivering outstanding, white-glove service.

Our Network

Each member of BAHBL leverages the wisdom of our group and the power of our combined network to help problem-solve for clients. Membership in BAHBL is through invitation only and the group meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Every member of BAHBL is a specialist in their respective field; no one in the group directly competes against another. Instead, we regularly refer business to eachother, and our common aim is to serve as trusted resources and thought leaders in our trades.

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